Women on Vacation Like to Cheat

women cheating on vacationLetting loose while on vacation may include cutting your partner loose as well, if this study from Illicit Encounters is to be believed. And women are much more likely to hook up with a stranger than men while enjoying daytime drinking at the beach.

Maybe we've all seen one too many of those How Stella Got Her Groove Back-type films.

I can see how going on an all-girl trip, especially with single girlfriends, could create an atmosphere of anything goes. But the study also says women are cheating while on vacation with their spouses. Huh? How does one do that, exactly?


I suppose if your partner prefers to spend the entire day at the golf course, you could slip away with the yoga instructor. I generally look at vacation as a time to reconnect with my husband, not schedule separate activities. See what I've been missing out on? Lots of secret rendezvouses behind my husband's back. Although that doesn't sound too relaxing to me, what with the planning, the lying, the extra showering, and hickey-hiding. Oh, and the relationship-destroying thing, that's exhausting too.

Of course you have to consider the source. Illicit Encounters is a website designed for married people to find a cheating partner. It's summer, it's vacation-time, so hey let's remind everyone that women like to cheat too! Especially during this time of year.

Would you cheat on your spouse while on vacation?


Image via bahoolala/Flickr

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