Don Draper: 5 Things About My Love Life

don draper love lifeMad Men is back this Sunday on AMC. Can I get a wolf whistle?

Don Draper returns to satisfy our weekly craving for eye candy, and so I'm fantasizing speculating about his love life. Since this is the only man at Sterling Cooper (soon to be Draper & Pryce) that doesn't even need to use a pick-up line, what else can we assume about his very mid-century love life?


1. I'm single again. Ladies?

2. The way to my heart is a cold martini, a lit cigar and the Hilton account. 

3. Yes, you may touch my hair.

4. Yes, you may ogle my wide shoulders and strong back.

5. Perhaps you'd like to come back to my place? It's the craziest freaking bachelor pad you've ever seen.


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