5 Sexy Secrets From Anna Chapman, Russian Spy

The Spy Who Love MeShe’s been called sizzling, ravishing, and “The Stalingrad stunner” -- and even though she’s probably the least-connected member of the Russian spy ring, she’s getting the most attention for all those reasons.

She’s Anna Chapman, and she’s got everyone under her spell, from Kelly Osborne, who reportedly wants to play her in a movie, to porn producers at Vivid Video, who want her to star in one of their flicks.
So what does she know about sex that we don’t? Here are five sex tips, courtesy of her ex-husband Alex (so take ‘em with a grain of Salt), that she might (or might not) whisper to you in the Cone of Silence.

  • Join the mile-high club! Chapman’s ex claims they had a cramped, but crazy, romp in the bathroom on a flight to Moscow. The stewardesses finally knocked on the door, and he told them she’d been sick and he was helping her. Think they bought it?
  • Make with the accoutrements! Spicy photos of Chapman in bed, dishabille and surrounded by sex toys, have been circulated by her ol’ dawg of an ex. A vibrator here, a butt-plug there -- even if they don’t stay in circulation, your battery-powered friends are sure to add interest to your bedroom romps.
  • Get kinky! Anna reportedly liked to play “KGB Interrogator” with her hubs as she dominated him with a whip. A little role-playing is a terrific spice-olator ...
  • Talk with an accent! Okay, so Anna’s was real -- Alex says it was a giant turn-on. Like I said ... a little role-play goes a long way toward reducing any relationship ruts.
  • Take some snapshots! Of course, you should only indulge in fun, sexy boudoir erotica if you’re sure your husband has more discretion than Alex.

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Image via dockedship/Flickr

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