5 Surprising Turn-Ons That Will Have You Re-Thinking Your Wardrobe

One of the things I like best about men is the way they surprise us. Last month, my husband surprised me with his little sundress fetish, but it turns out he is not alone.

Men have secret fetishes for the everyday things we wear and it seems we are the sexiest when we try the least. Those little things we do and wear when we are most comfortable are some of the things that turn guys on the most.

I solicited some among my male friends and was surprised by the results. Here are a few:


1. Running/workout clothing:

One friend cited Lululemon specifically, but others just said general workout wear. And who can blame them? Tight, form-fitting, skin-showing, and you all sweaty? Sounds like a recipe for a romance novel, but nope. It's just a day at the gym. I can't say this one shocked me, but I was surprised that it's such a fetish. I guess it explains why so many gyms double as great places to meet single men.

2. Baseball hats with ponytails out the back:

I will say for the record that I'm not into this look. I would never wear it. However, it would appear that more than a few men find it sexy. Maybe it's the combination of the masculine and the feminine? Or the confidence that comes with a look that screams "I don't have to dress up." Either way, this is a strange one.

3. Jerseys:

Whatever the opposite of a sports fan is, that's me. I can't stand football, find basketball generally boring, and would sleep my way through most baseball games (unless the Sox are playing), but my husband has been after me for years to get a football jersey. I don't see it happening. But for some reason he -- and many men I know -- find the look of a woman in a football (or hockey) jersey to be hot, hot, hot.

4. Tight T-shirts (no bra):

So I guess this one isn't that shocking (unless you're me). The other day a friend challenged me to wear this and see how long it took my husband to notice. I was sure it would take a while. I was wrong. It was the first thing he saw when I walked out of the bedroom. Maybe it's because I'm a woman, but honestly, it would take me some time to zero in on that. Luckily, my husband liked it.

5. White button-down work shirts:

What could be more basic than this? But for some reason, guys dig it. Maybe it's the fact that they're almost see-through. Or that they're business-y. Or maybe it's that they can be easily ripped open. Whatever the reason, men love them, which is too bad for me. My ample chest has made these kinds of shirts pretty much non-existent for me my whole life. Alas. At least I can partake in the others!

Does your man have a secret clothing fetish? What does he like to see you in?

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