Spanx Makes Me Feel Sexy ... Except When It's Time to Undress

Spanx underwearI admit it. I wear Spanx from time to time. And usually, I'm okay with that.

I've had two c-sections and breastfed two children. Way back in the late 1990s. No matter how much I work out or how little I weigh, barring a tummy tuck, my stomach is going to stick out some. But I like wearing form-fitting clothing. It makes me feel sexy. And wearing Spanx makes the clothes look better. It's still me, just streamlined.

A few weeks ago, I was wearing a short clingy dress and had on my full-control Spanx underwear. My husband and I went out to dinner with some friends and I was feeling pretty hot. Until we got home and proceeded to fool around.


The dress ended up around my waist and there my Spanx underwear was, in all of its nude-colored glory. I looked down and all I could think of was a naked female mannequin in a department store. You know, the kind with the perky boobs and the oddly absent vagina. Not sexy.

The image kind of ruined the moment for me and I had to excuse myself. I went into the bathroom and took the Spanx off. My stomach popped out but at least I looked like a woman.

Happily, none of this affected my husband. I'm lucky. He thinks I'm sexy no matter what I do. (Well, he'd probably change his mind if I stopped visiting my aesthetician.)

But having my stomach artificially compressed by my Spanx when I'm wearing clingy clothes makes me happier with the way I look. More confident. And confidence is sexy. I just need to take them off before my husband and I get frisky.

What ups your confidence level and makes you feel sexier?


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