Are Pink Nipples a Bigger Turn-On?

pink nipples more attractiveFile this new Japanese trend under "creepy."

Nipple lightener creams are becoming more popular in Japan because pink nipples are seen as more sexually appealing than brown ones. Specifically, pink nipples signify virginity, or youth, over used brown ones.

Huh? I thought your nipple color had everything to do with your skin tone, and nothing to do with your sexual habits.

A plastic surgeon in Tokyo who regularly sees women who want lighter, pink nipples says this:


“Japanese girls want to have pink nipples because Japanese guys like them. For some Japanese men, the less sexual experience a woman has, the better. Little experience means she is clean and precious for them.”

The Faster Times blogger who is looking at this trend and presenting the various creams on the market unofficially polled Japanese men who admit to preferring pink nipples on their women. I daresay there are American men who would admit the same.

While nipple darkening can be a pregnancy side effect, it's certainly not a de-virginizing side effect. Furthermore, an obsession with young, virginal, pink-nippled girls is a little bit sick. Not unlike the point Janeane Garofalo was trying to make with the Brazilian bikini wax.

Any man who admitted a fetish for pink nipples and hairless vaginas would set off major warning bells for me. What's even more disturbing are the women who are willing to go to extremes in hopes of attracting such a man.

Embrace your skin tone and womanhood, ladies. It's what makes you, you. And YOU are sexy. If a potential pedophile doesn't find you sexy, well, that's a good thing.

Would you lighten your nipples for a man?


Image via Ana_Fuji/Flickr

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