Facebook Kicks Off Sex Addict

facebook sex addictA UK man has met, and slept with, over 300 women thanks to Facebook. But Facebook says 60-year-old Clive Worth has got to get off the site and stop using it to lure women into his boudoir.

Although if these ladies slept with Worth, it seems like they might be complicit in using Facebook as a dating site, yes?


Worth claims to have bedded over 1,500 women he has met online and has been kicked off four online dating sites. After being kicked off Facebook the last time, he created a profile for "Carol Peters" to get back on and try and snare ladies looking for friends. Which is where Worth crosses the line.

Worth says he will continue to sneak back onto Facebook until he's 80 years old. Clearly it's working for him, but perhaps someone needs to explain the difference between social networking and harassment to the middle-aged Don Juan.

A Facebook representative explains why they booted Worth:

"Facebook is not the place to meet people you don't know; it is about connecting and sharing with your existing friends."

I don't know about that, I've known some people to hook up via FB and their memberships are still active.

Do you think Facebook shouldn't be used as a dating site?


Image via notahandbag/Flickr

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