How to Buy Sex Lube Without Being (Too) Embarrassed

K-Y Intense arousal gel
Do you ever outgrow the self-conscious feeling you get when purchasing certain items from your local drugstore? I don't think I ever will.

Whether I'm purchasing that warming lubricant that doubles as a massage gel or an economy-sized box of tampons, I feel like I'm back in high school and buying ribbed condoms or getting spermicidal jelly for my diaphragm.

Back then, the cashier and other people in line knew that I was having premarital sex. That was bad enough. Now, they're thinking I'm a sex-crazed mother and wife who hasn't gone through menopause yet.

But I've come up with a foolproof plan to overcome that feeling.


The last time I was in my local drugstore buying arousal gel, I pretended I was on the phone talking to my sister, asking her if the pink box was the one she wanted. I don't even have a sister. But she and I managed to have a conversation while I waited in line to pay and while the cashier rang up my purchase.

(I know it's rude to carry on a cell phone conversation in public and I usually don't. But I'd rather be rude than embarrassed while buying sexual health products.)

On the flip side of this, I can walk into an adult fantasy store, leaving my cell phone in the car, and not blush one bit when I buy a new vibrator. I can even look the (usually) male cashier in the eye and carry on a conversation with him about the weather or ask about the warranty on my purchase.

I leave there with my dignity intact because I know everybody is there for the same reason: To add something to their sex lives.

What makes you blush at the cash register?


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