Is a Friendship-Turned-Relationship Worth the Risk?

friendsI've always been a firm believer that, even if both are attracted to each other, a girl and a guy can just be friends. My belief was put to the test last night, when I met up with a friend whom I haven't seen in months.

We first began our relationship when he got my number in a bar. Clearly, going the romantic route here. Went on a couple of dates, but I was not in a good place at the time, having just come out of a really really bad relationship. However, we loved each other's sarcastic personalities, and decided to remain friends. Which we did. Of course, our looks didn't change, but we managed to sweep our physical attraction for each other under the rug. Or bed. Whichever.


Fast-forward about a year and countless outings as "just friends" later. I hadn't seen, oh let's call him Steve*, in about three months because of busy work schedules, friends in town, etc., etc. We finally managed to get together for dinner last night. And everything was, for the most part, normal, except I started noticing a few things that were different. He kept touching my arm. Then he suggested that we "get outta here because this bar is loud." Then, much to my resistance, he paid for dinner. And then it dawned on me:

This is not a friendly get-together. This is a date!

Well, crap.

As we were strolling around my neighborhood, I was just waiting for it -- the inevitable kiss. Sure enough, like clockwork, Steve* leaned in as we reached my front stoop.

Not that I wouldn't like to date this guy, he's fantastic. Hell, I tried to before. But now it's different. Now we've grown into really great friends, and I'd be risking a great friendship for something that may just end up being a casual fling. Is that worth it? Nearly 24 hours later, I'm still trying to figure it out.

I realize that the best relationships often stem from friendships, but we haven't been best friends for years and years, so I'm not sure if, heaven forbid we did try it and it didn't work, our former friendship would be strong enough to combat any messiness that a relationship might leave behind.

*Name changed so my friend and possible future boyfriend won't hate me.

Have you ever had a relationship that began with a friendship? What was your experience like?


Image via scragz/Flickr

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