Is Your Friend Trying to Steal Your Man?

friend trying to steal your manHopefully you surround yourself with trustworthy, honest friends and you could never imagine a girlfriend betraying you in the worst possible way. But in reality, some gal pals need to come with a warning system.

If you're getting a weird vibe from your gf when you bring around your new dude, Betty Confidential has a list of specific things to watch out for, and tells you when you need to drop that skanky friend.


If your girlfriend is showing too much interest in your significant other, be on alert. I remember when I was away one summer and my friend called to tell me how she was having such an amazing time hanging out with my boyfriend. Her tone told me all I needed to know. I dropped both of them, and they soon found each other.

Here are some of the other warning signs to look out for in your so-called BFF:

Contacting him excessively through other social media: If you have introduced your friend to your boyfriend and you all have become friends, perhaps they will add each other on Facebook. If, however, she begins sending him messages or writing on his wall often, it definitely breaks girlfriend code. “I introduced my friend to my boyfriend and the next few days she was sending him all these stupid tweets like: ‘Where you at?’ and ‘Fun meeting you!’ It was just so weird, pointless, and disloyal. I dropped her,” Sasha from Los Angeles shares.

Showing your boyfriend photos of her in a bathing suit: There is no reason your friend needs to show your boyfriend photos of herself in a bikini. Scantily clad pictures are private and suggestive and your friend should know that and not show your man. “My boyfriend was asking my friend about her new phone and right in front of me she starts showing him all the sexy photos she took on it! It wasn’t an accident. After one bikini shot popped up, she kept going through photos. Luckily my boyfriend said, ‘Uh, thanks’ and walked away with me. It showed me he was a good one and she -- not so much!” Krystal from Dallas shares.

Talking about sex: Talking about all the different positions she tried last night are for you and your friend to discuss, in private -- not with your love interest present.

Have you ever had to drop a girlfriend who was after your man?


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