You Did What, Where? 10 Weirdest Places to Masturbate

orgasm buttonAfter reading the comments to a post about weird places that people have masturbated, I no longer look at coworkers' shoes (in case they are getting randy with themselves in the bathroom stall, they at least remain anonymous), set any personal items down on the fitting room bench, and am now more wary when sitting close to friends. 

These folks have guts -- I feel naughty if I do it in the shower.

Here are 10 less-than-conventional places where folks have done the personal deed:


At Work: Whether you work in the mail room or as a high class judge (anyone remember the Donald Thompson fiasco a few years back? Apparently murder trials can be sexy), masturbation has no career limitations.

Driving: You know how they say not to drive while under the influence? I'm pretty sure the point of climax could be considered a source of influence. Please stop, I don't want to die because you were bored in your car.

In a Dressing Room: Maybe to see what that new outfit would look like with a nice, flushed look on your face?

In a Movie Theater: Did you not learn from Pee-wee's Paul Reubens's little incident?

At the Meat Counter: No, this isn't a pun on words. A Safeway worker in Colorado was recently charged for tugging his sausage behind the deli. I'm pretty sure that's not the daily special that was advertised.

At Church: Several people have admitted to doing the deed at church -- now what do you suppose God thinks of that?

On a Plane: In bathrooms on the plane, or, for the truly daring, at your seat. I never knew flying was so sexy.

In the Woods: While you're giving Bambi a peep show, be sure to watch out for poison ivy ... wouldn't want to get that in certain areas.

During Class: Okay, I get the hot teacher thing, but what I really want to know about this one is how is that possible?

Sitting Beside Friends: Whether it's on the couch, car, or bed, lots of people have gotten themselves off right alongside their friends and they were none the wiser. I just really hope that I've never been one of those friends.

Come on, spill. Have you ever pleased yourself in a not-so-conventional locale?


Image via Steve Keys/Flickr

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