Is Your Man Circumcised or Intact?

penis circumcised or notWhen debating circumcision, rarely does the issue of personal sexual preference come up (at least when a mother is describing her own son, because -- ewwww). So when an intact man wrote to Em and Lo for some advice on what women think about circumcision, he asked a very interesting question:

Do women who think it's wrong to circumcise a baby still secretly prefer a circumcised man in bed?


Personally, I didn't think about my son's sex life when we had the big circumcision discussion. And I certainly didn't think about my own sexual preference when discussing my son's penis. One has absolutely zero to do with the other.

But what's interesting about this man's question is this: If you're a woman who is anti-circ for your baby, but you prefer your man's penis circ'd, are you a hypocrite?


Ladies, do you prefer your man's penis circumcised, but believe it's wrong to circumcise your baby boy?


Image via ejhogbin/Flickr

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