Best 'Mad Men' Pick-Up Lines

mad men best pick up linesMad Men is back! Next week we'll be talking about who's wearing what and doing whom and I, personally, cannot wait to see what the men and women of Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce have up their well-tailored sleeves.

I'll be tuning in next Sunday, July 25 on AMC. Will you?

In the meantime, some genius put together a mash-up of the best pick-up lines in the previous three seasons. Reminding us that advertising really is all about sex.




A few observations. I had no idea that Peggy had been hit on by every single dude in that office. Secondly, Sterling must have used every nasty pick-up line he had in his bank during that romp with the twins. I'm so glad that silver fox didn't succumb to his first heart attack. Hotness.

My favorite lines in the Mad Men repertoire:

Can I have some of your hair?

I'm Ken. Cosgrove ... Accounts.

Would these pick-up lines make you drop your (hip hugger) panties?


Image via AMC

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