Jason Stackhouse: Why We Love Him for More Than His Body

jason stackhouse true bloodIt's easy to be in TV love with True Blood's Jason Stackhouse played by Ryan Kwanten, the ab-tastic Australian who penned a book on how to have hot sex. But there's so much more to Jason, the character, than just a ditsy guy with a penchant for snappy one-liners.

Each season of True Blood has unveiled a new part of Sookie's older brother -- physical, sexual, and emotional sides.


In season 1, we saw the physical side of Jason. He played sports, often with his shirt off, and we saw him on the job working on the roads of Bon Temps, often with his shirt off.

Memorable quotes:

"I've got gout ... of the dick."

"First I got hauled in by the cops. Then I had to let a dud drain my Johnson. That's a f*&k of a day."

"I just want to lick your mind."

In season 2, we saw more of a sexual side to Jason. It was there in season 1, but his kinks and perversions progressed. He dabbled in religion, then dabbled with the wife of a preacher.

Memorable quotes:

"Actually I do. I work out like a motherf**ker and I watch a lot of porn to learn stuff."

"I reckon I've already been to heaven ... it was inside your wife."

"That son of a bitch. It's like he sucked out my brain and planted all his own babies there."

And now in season 3, we see a Jason tormented from shooting Eggs, seeing bullets in the heads of two girls he was about to have a threesome with, and ... dare I say, a more introspective man? A man who is tuning in to his sensuality side and not just sex? (And maybe it's not just because the bullet visions are killing his erections?) In last night's episode, he impersonated a police officer, but true to Jason's blood, he wasn’t wearing a shirt. He pulled over Crystal and they had this sexy “you’re under arrest” scene. No sex, but lots of sexual tension. Perhaps this is all teaching Jason a thing or two about romance.

Memorable quotes:

"If you and me are gonna be roommates, there's a certain amount of pussy overflow you just have to get used to dealing with."

"What am I thinking about right now -- like in my brain?"

"I'm starting to believe that the truth is poison."

What do you think of Jason's evolution over the seasons?


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