5 Ways to Have Better Vacation Sex While With Your Parents

romantic couple on vacation

It's summer vacation. For a lot of us, this means taking the husband and kids on a trip to visit with the parents or the in-laws.

I've learned from experience that these types of family trips can put a damper on my sex life because, even at the age of 44 and having birthed a few children, I'm still a little self-conscious about having sex while in the same house as my parents.

Combine the lack of sex with the sometimes stressfulness of family dynamics and I come up with a vacation that is not as enjoyable as it should be. 

A week is a long time to go without sex, plus a little bit of quality loving can go a long way towards de-stressing both my husband and me. So this summer, I came up with a plan to make my family vacation the best it could be. And the plan worked.

Here are five helpful tips to improve your sex life while vacationing with your parents.


1. Protect your privacy: Make sure the bedroom door is locked. And then check it again.

2. Keep it clean: Take preventative measures against leaving a tell-tale stain on the sheets (i.e., lay a towel down). No mess, no worry.

3. Keep it really clean: Have sex in the shower. The running water makes a lot of noise and there's no cleanup afterwards.

4. Do it during the day: Feign tiredness and say you and your other are going to take a nap. After all, you're on vacation and then you really can take a nap afterwards.

5. Get your parents out of their house: Set them up on a wonderful day-trip with your kids: biking, hiking, out fishing, or even to a movie. It will be wonderful bonding time for them. And for you.

Try it. It'll make your memories of the vacation even better.

How do you sneak around the family vacation home?


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