5 Signs That You Have a Girl Crush

two girlsWe've all had girl crushes, whether they were on a celebrity or just an awesome woman that we know in our regular day-to-day life.

I remember I had one in college on a girl that I worked with. She drove a convertible, wore vintage, listened to music from bands that were not yet heard of, and was always the life of the party. I thought she was so cool. Thankfully, my nervousness around her only lasted about a month, and we ended up becoming super close friends.


Girl crushes aren't sexual, but they are a measure of high adoration for another woman, and, oftentimes, have the same effects as a regular crush: 

  • You find yourself liking the same things that she does. Same taste in clothes, music, etc.
  • You feel nervous around her, stumbling on your words with beads of sweat forming on your forehead.
  • You go out of your way to hang out with her. Drinks late on a Tuesday night when I have class at 8am? Sure, why not. 
  • You talk about her adoringly to your family and friends so much that your mom starts to question your sexuality.
  • You talk about her adoringly to your boyfriend and he immediately starts to play porn music in his head.

The great thing about girl crushes is that, as in my case, they can lead to some amazing friendships, unlike regular crushes which usually only end with Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Have you ever had a girl crush? Did you eventually become friends?


Image via Brent Gambrell/Flickr


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