Sex & the Sometimes Single Mom

Sex and the Sometimes Single MomAs much as I find the life of a sometimes single mom challenging, it definitely comes with benefits. Realllly good benefits.

Yep, you know what I'm talking about.

No matter how frustrating the transition of my husband returning home can be, I get the complete opposite effect in the bedroom.

I mean, you knew this gig couldn't be all bad, right?


Whether you've got a traveling or away spouse or not, you've probably come to learn that a little absence definitely helps things in the bedroom. I think it's a basic human tenet: The more you can't have it, the more you want it.

And in our case, the better it is.

Even with my husband traveling for years now, I still get pretty lonely. And so regardless of how long he's gone, I get a flutter in my heart and a tingle down below when he returns. And while the distance can be a challenging aspect of keeping a relationship strong and healthy, it can also be pretty damn hot.

There's just something about not seeing someone every day that makes them all the more attractive when you do.

And even better, you don't necessarily have to worry about getting bored because you're not getting it as much. If you're only having sex a couple of times a month because that's when your husband is home, you don't need to swing from the curtain rods or choreograph some sexy song and dance number.

It's primal sex, plain and simple.

But a word of warning: Do the deed as close to his return as possible, because once you jump into dealing with the kids and the daily schedule, there's a good chance you'll be too annoyed with him to want to hop in the sack and that short window of opportunity will slam down pretty quickly.

So is your sex life worse or better after becoming a sometimes single mom? I'll be addressing the not-so-hot parts of sex next week. And if you didn't know, I wrote an entire sex book for moms. Check it out!

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