Jessica Simpson Is 30: Has She Missed the Boat on Love & Babies?

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson turned 30 and she's divorced, dating, and has no kids. Gasp! A spinster?

Horrible, right? But some people actually think this way. Think that a woman hasn't met her relationship and love milestones if she doesn't have a ring on her finger and a baby in the crib by 30.

"I thought I had it figured out; I'm going to be this great pop star, be married, have babies. But things can be taken from you," she was quoted as saying in UsWeekly.

I can relate.


When I turned 25 I went through a little bout of depression. I was in a relationship with a great guy, but I didn't see it going the distance. I knew I wanted to get married and have babies, but when I thought of my future, I didn't see that happening in five years. Yep. The age of 30 scares a lot of women.

For some reason, 30 is the marker. It's when we're told our eggs dry up and our wombs are dusty and old and no guy would want to have sex with a 30-year-old anyway so just throw out that lingerie and join the nunnery.

But when I turned 30, and was still unmarried without kids, I was happy. Thirty was a great age for me. I had never felt better, felt more sexual than ever and was in touch with my needs and desires, and really felt close to achieving that ring and baby in the crib in the relationship I was in at that time.

That didn't happen either. And then I felt sad again, starting thinking that I would never be a mom and I was swearing off men forever. I set a new goal for 40 and thought -- If I was in a good financial state on my own by then, I would either adopt or ask my gay friends Dan and Michael to give me some sperm so I could have a kid with each of them and know that their fathers were super smart good men (handsome, too).

But then something amazing happened to me at 33 -- I met the man who would be my husband and the father of my twins. And for me, all those supposed "missed opportunities" and failed romances of my past were all worth it. Even if it took longer than I had hoped or thought it should.

Everyone's path to love is different. My way may not be your way and yet, both ways can be exactly how it should be.

My advice to Jessica: Don't put timelines on your love life.

Do you think Jessica missed the boat for a lasting relationship and having babies? What do you think of these timelines we give ourselves -- are they healthy?

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