Do You Admit To Meeting Online?

computer screenAs some of you know, I've been taking a stab at the online dating scene (which, I'm happy to say, has gotten much better since Levitating Guy and Hitch). I recently met up with the current guy that I'm seeing (whom I met online) while he was out with his friends but was caught off guard when I was asked how we met.

Oh gosh, do I say that we met online or would he be embarrassed?


Not sure how to answer, I simply said, "Oh, it's a long story" and left it at that. I later asked him what he tells people when the topic comes up. He responds with, "I tell them that we met in a bar on the Upper East Side." Which is somewhat true, we did physically meet at a bar. But that's not how we met met. We only "met" at the bar after several emails, cute texts filled with smiley faces, and two phone conversations.

You would think the stigma that's been attached to online dating in the past would have faded away by now. It's become such a normal way for people to meet, recently trumping nightlife as the third best way to meet your spouse, so why should we lie about it?

Tell me, if you met your partner online, do you tell the truth or do you guys have a made-up story of how you met?


Image via jsweiringa/Flickr

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