Team Edward! Team Jacob! Team Erotic Fantasies! Can I Make Them a Reality?

Jamye WaxmanGoodness, it seems the blood-sucking undead are the new Clooney! Females from high school to middle-age and beyond are dreaming of sensuous encounters of the vampire-y kind. In fact, one CafeMom wondered, via the forums, just how far they could go:

My sex drive could use a little lift. I've gotten really into vampires lately, in the Twilight series and other books as well. Is there a way to role-play vampires without hurting my husband? Can I draw blood without causing permanent damage?

For this, I turned to Jamye Waxman, author of Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation and creator of the (NSFW!) Personal Touch sex-ed video series. Here's her take on this toothy twist:


"Sure you can, but unless you’ve done your research or you’re a trained medical professional, odds are you should leave blood play to people in white coats. Still, there’s nothing wrong with donning some pale face paint and a set of fangs and busting out the (washable) food coloring, wine, or fruit punch in lieu of the real thing. Not only can playing the role of vampire seductress be great for practicing some role-play, but it can be a great way to get into some light dominance and submission. Instead of biting, go for blindfolding (vampires like to do it in the dark, right?). And keep your husband safely innocent as to what he can expect next. That should keep his blood pumping, and your vampire cravings satisfied."

In other words, there’s more to being a vampire than drawing blood. And keeping in mind that actual vampires (uh, if they existed) have (a) special equipment and (b) different biology that makes them able to digest blood, I don’t think I’d want to get that nitty-gritty.

Drill down and see what seems sexiest to you about this scenario. Take a few minutes to close your eyes and fantasize about following through with this erotic idea. What’s the part that really gets you off? The sight of blood? Fake it with something red and tangy. The feeling of your teeth on his skin? Experiment with little nips and hickeys to see how you can get the most satisfaction without actual damage. Pain and surprise? Daaaamn, girlfriend! Your lucky husband is about to enter the world of kinkiness!

Just be sure to keep him informed of the sorts of things you’ll be trying. He doesn’t have to know exactly what, but let him know things’ll be a bit different in the nights to come. Here’s hoping he’s on board for some sexy subterranean fun!


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