Old Spice Man on a Horse Sends Blogger Sexy Message

isiah mustafa old spiceIsaiah Mustafa, star of the Old Spice commercial that I've seen more times than I've actually turned on my own television this summer, is also web savvy.

In addition to his wooing of every woman in broadcast distance, Mustafa is sending personalized messages to bloggers who kindly mention his commercial where he's on a horse. (At this point I must say, if you haven't seen the man your man could smell like, you simply have to stop reading and feast your eyes on this as-sexy-as-it-is funny clip.)

Susannah Breslin at True/Slant received the ab treatment from Mustafa and posted so the rest of us could enjoy the view:











So, is this a blatant attempt to get my very own April message from Mustafa? Of course it is.

How hot is Isaiah Mustafa? Enough to make you buy Old Spice for your man?


Image via Facebook

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