Tiger Woods & Jesse James Mistresses to Star in Porn Expo

tiger woods jesse james mistresses pornFirst of all, the fact that Tiger Woods and Jesse James have so many mistresses, that six of them will be featured at a porn expo and there are still many more left over, is incredibly disturbing.

Even more disturbing? The complete evisceration of shame in America today.

Used to be if you were the other woman you would slink off and dye your hair so no one would recognize you. Today there are book deals, paid interviews and now apparently a porn expo where your sluttiness will be celebrated.


The three mistresses who have been named thus far belong to Tiger: Joslyn James, Devon James and Holly Sampson. Since all three were already in the sex industry, I suppose it's not a huge stretch that they would show up at what's being called "A Stripper's Legion of Doom." I just wonder how good it feels to profit because you brought pain to another woman and her children.

In case you want to see what ruined these men's marriages up close, head to the Rosemont, Illinois' Exxxtacy 2010 to see some fake boobs, strippers and destroyers of all sacred vows.

Five bucks to The Stir reader who shows up there with a Team Sandra or Team Elin t-shirt.


Image via CBSNews

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