It's National Nude Day: Strip Down in Celebration

nude people with scarvesYears and years ago when I worked at Playgirl magazine, I wrote an article on nudist colonies. I explored (in writing) the activities and the atmosphere happening at a few different camps around the country.

One of the owners of one of the places I wrote about got upset with me. It was one of the many pieces of hate mail I received while there (you'd be surprised how many people are offended by things featured in a magazine with photos of naked men and articles on happy stuff like love and sex). But this nudist colony owner was offended because Playgirl was a magazine about sex and nudists aren't about sex, they are about being naked. And he felt I smutted up the good name of nudists.


I see the difference. I get it. But the celebration of being naked sometimes merges with the act of sex. And the freeing nature of being nude is often only done by those who are comfortable with their sexuality. So while not linked directly, there is a connection. A connection for me anyway. And it's not like I was saying, "Get your freak on at these nudist colonies." Now that I think about it, I should be mad at the nudist colony guy for thinking I was a pervert.

And here I am again. Writing about getting nude, but not in the name of sex, this time in The Stir's Love & Sex channel. Why? Because today is National Nude Day!

Lucky for me, I work from home today. So I will be in the buff celebrating the beauty of going au naturel.

Have you ever done it? I know it's hard with kids around, but if they are in school or at grandma's, have you tried being in the buff? Or maybe you don't have to wait until the kids are away. Maybe it's a family activity. A lot of nudist colonies are family-friendly. Though most of society will probably think that's creepy.

Did you ever venture out into your yard without anything on? Maybe even rode the NYC subway during No Pants Day? (No sitting!) It's all a form of freeing ourselves of the confines of our clothes, to be who we are as we were born. Naked. Natural.

I am going to make the distinction this time, not that I implied it when I worked for Playgirl, but nudist colonies aren't sex colonies. Getting naked doesn't mean you have to have sex. Okay? No hate mail this time please!

But if you want to celebrate National Nude Day today by getting nude and then having sex with your partner, then please ... do just that. Because if all holiday celebrations ended in sex, would we all be happier?

Happy Nude Day!


Image via muddyclay/Flickr

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