Sex Secret: I Had Hate-Sex With My (Almost) Ex!

Naughty WifeEveryone has a dirty little secret and this is a safe place where we can share them (anonymously, of course). Go ahead, spill. We won't tell. (No, this isn't me! I said it was anonymous – it comes from!)

This Week’s Confession:
“This past weekend, I have had the most amazing sex with my husband. My confession? We filed for divorce this past week.” – Anonymous

Ah, sex with the ex! Why is it always so much hotter when you’ve got one foot out the door? There are actually a couple of reasons. First, you know your partner’s special moves and preferences – and he knows yours. Yet you’ve got little or no emotional investment, so it’s all the thrill of a one-night stand with none of the unpredictability. From a purely technical standpoint, it’s close to ideal.

Of course, it's not perfect.


(By the way... yes, mom, I realize that emotional intimacy + an experienced partner = the best recipe for good sex, but we’re talking about a couple that’s getting divorced here – they probably don’t have that option. If you can’t love the one you’re with, at least you can lust him.)

Another point in favor of ex-sex? Like the confessor said, she's on her way out – which means she and her ex have finally agreed on something. They're letting go,they’re moving on, so why not have a little celebration of one of the good things that got them together in the first place? I realize this is a bit of a positive spin on a mostly negative situation, but I do think there’s something to be said for farewell rituals of many kinds. If you can turn this into a goodbye rather than an eff-you, your post-divorce relations (assuming you have to have any, like if you have kids) may be less frosty.

Just be sure, if this happens, to use protection – physical (he might have moved on in other ways!) and emotional (don’t get sucked back in!).


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