Soccer Player Iker Casillas Gives Smooch After World Cup Win

world cup kissAfter winning the World Cup, the Spanish captain, Iker Casillas, gave an emotional interview, dedicating the win to his loved ones, and then planting a big ol' kiss on the interviewer.

Check out the video after the jump.


But don't think that he just goes around kissing random women (damn) ... the woman interviewing him was none other than his girlfriend, sports journalist Sara Carbonero.


They've been given some heat, saying that it wasn't professional. Okay, so PDA in the middle of a major interview may not be something that should be done on a daily basis (though, if I ever interview Alex Skarsgard, I'm totally breaking that rule). But come on, right after winning the World Cup, it's hard not to be emotional. You can see them battling their feelings the entire time -- you know all they want to do is celebrate with each other.

Too cute.

I suck at holding in my emotions, so if I ever received really good news at work, and one of my co-workers was my main squeeze, you better believe I'd be rushing over to his cubicle for some celebratory PDA.

Have you ever had to hold back on the PDA because you were "on the job"? What if you worked with your partner and had something to celebrate?


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