Parking, Necking & Fumbling: Act Like a Teenager on Date Night

act like a teenager on date nightSure you're a grown-up with your own home and know how to put on your big girl panties. But how much fun would it be to re-visit those crazy teen dating traditions?

This week search your memory bank for your most salacious, even embarrassing high school dating romps and try to re-create that adrenaline rush that only comes when you're trying to get it on, and neither of you owns your own home.

I was in the country during my living-at-home dating days, so there were plenty of side roads to pull off and get busy. I'm guessing if you lived in the city, you had to get a little bit more creative to get out of the public eye.

Here are five public make-out suggestions to get that teen angst-y energy pumping:


1) The lake, the beach ... any body of water, really

2) The movies (just be sure to sit in the back)

3) Mountain/hilltop, aka Make-out Point

4) Behind the mall

5) Or pull up in front of your house and pretend your parents are asleep. You can always transfer your fear of being caught by mom and dad to your neighbors or babysitter.

Where did you get undercover action in high school?

Image via Noel Zie Lee/Flickr

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