31-Year-Old Woman Poses as 14-Year-Old Boy to Lure 16-Year-Old Girl for Sex

31 year old woma poses as 14 year old boyPatricia Dye, 31, is under arrest after she became Matthew Abrams, 14, in order to engage a 16-year-old girl in sexual activity, according to the Dayton Daily News. No charges have been filed as of yet.

While this seems an impossible task, looking at Dye's photo, I could easily see how she could fool people into believing she was a young boy. But instead of this being an Internet scam that we're used to seeing on Nightline, this tale is actually a bit more tragic.


Patricia Dye actually found her 16-year-old victim on the streets of Franklin, Ohio, after the teen ran away from home. The teen had not eaten for days and had sores on her bare feet. Dye and the teen were seen going "in and out" of a hotel room, which Dye allegedly shared with her parents.

So, a 31-year-old is living in a hotel with her parents. That can't be a good situation. The 31-year-old poses as a 14-year-old boy (why not 16, at least? weird) and picks up a teen runaway and brings her back to the hotel room for sex. Did the 31-year-old's parents not notice something was awry? It's all so sordid.

The runaway apparently did have an aunt who was acting as her guardian as the girl's mother was in the hospital undergoing gallbladder surgery. The aunt was also fooled by Dye and believed her to be a 14-year-old boy. Did the aunt think it was okay that her niece was a) living on the street malnourished with sores on her feet and b) was having sex with a 14-year-old boy?

Yikes. I hope the young girl gets the help she needs and that Dye did not prey on any other young kids at risk.


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