World Cup Sex Antics -- Porn Star Won't Deliver Promise With Dutch Loss

bobbi eden twitterMen around the world are super-disappointed after the Netherlands' tough loss yesterday to Spain in the World Cup, 108,967 to be exact. Not because they were huge fans of the Dutch team, but because they won't be receiving oral sex.


Bobbi Eden, a Netherlands porn star, promised a BJ to her Twitter followers if the Netherlands won the Cup. Unfortunately, they lost in overtime, but she still has a surprise in store for her fans. She recently tweeted that she and her fellow porn star/blow job-giver "still may have a nice surprise in store for #teamBJ followers." So fear not boys, you may get an HJ out of this. 

She's not the only one that made an erotic bet to gain support for their team. Lots of men quickly became fans of Paraguay after model Larissa Riquelme said she'd streak through the streets if Paraguay won. But, to the pleasant surprise of her fans, even though they lost in the quarterfinals, she streaked after all, as a "present" to the soccer players.

And the Argentinean coach, Diego Maradona, may not be known for his sexy breasts like Larissa (unless man boobs count), but he too made a streaking promise if his team won. Thankfully, after the team's loss, he kept his clothes on.

With all of these sex antics during the World Cup, it definitely made the month-long tournament more interesting to watch, though Bobbi definitely blew (tee hee) her competition out of the water. I'm sad that the Dutch didn't pull out a win ... I would have loved to see how she planned on giving over 100,000 people oral sex.

Do you think these sex antics were appropriate? Think it's a good way to gain support for your nation?


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