A Prescription for Hotter Sex (That's Not Viagra)?

banana testosterone
Make him feel like the top banana again!
Looking for more love on the home front? Sure, we all know that after a few years of marriage, all that togetherness can lead to a less-than-exciting attitude in the sack. And the tired old stereotypes say it’s only women who lose their lust. But talk to your friends frankly, and you just might find a lot of guys losing their mojo, too. Here’s the good news: A drop in your man’s desire doesn’t have to signal a death-knell in your relationship or a deep, dark emotional problem. The answer could be a doctor’s visit away.
Why don’t you … have your hubby check his testosterone levels?


It’s normal for testosterone to drop as guys age. As they approach the age of 40, the difference in desire becomes more obvious. And women are often the ones who push for doctor appointments. So it may be up to you to carefully say, “Do you think you should get this checked out?”
The symptoms sound like any middle-aged guy’s life: lowered desire, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, less insistent erections. Got a strip of old-fashioned postage stamps? He can try the A.D.A.M. home test. Or he can just tell his doc he’s worried that his testosterone levels are low -- and let him run a blood test. This WebMD test can help him prepare for the appointment.
Fun fact: The medical term for low testosterone is hypogonadism. Hyuk, hyuk. And while we deal with menopause, men have their own version: andropause. And it can start earlier than you think.
The answer isn’t necessarily Viagra. Testosterone replacement can come in the form of injections, patches, under-the-tongue tablets, or even an implant just under the skin that can release testosterone for months. It may not be right for your guy -- there are side effects -- but it’s worth a try. Guys who have used it tend to call it a fountain of youth.
By the way -- not that you should try this at home, because the risks haven’t been studied -- women sometimes suffer from low testosterone too, and hormone patches have been shown to increase our libidos. Of course, too much of a good thing can give you a handlebar moustache, so let’s wait till more results are in before sneaking into his side of the medicine cabinet, shall we?
Do you know a guy who has taken testosterone replacement? Do you think this’d help your fella? Tell us in the comments!

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