You're Getting a Divorce, Science Says So

you're getting a divorceWant kids? Marry young? Have two daughters? Are you a dancer? You're getting a divorce.

These and 13 more things predict the end of your marriage, according to various studies highlighted on The Daily Beast. So far I only fit one on the list, but who knows, I could get cancer or one of my children could develop ADHD.


It's true, take a look at this especially discouraging stat:

If you're a woman who has recently been diagnosed with cancer or multiple sclerosis, your marriage is six times more likely to end in divorce than if your husband had been diagnosed with those diseases instead.

Of course, individual anecdotes don't always dovetail with statistics, so you can certainly take or leave this list of divorce predictors like, say, if you're a woman active in the military -- get ready to be single again!

How many of these descriptions fit you? Do you think it means you're getting a divorce?


Image via foundphotoslj/Flickr

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