Jesus Appears in 'Playboy'

jesus in playboyIn an attempt to pay tribute to the passing of celebrated writer Jose Saramago, the Portuguese Playboy created a dirty Jesus pictorial inspired by Saramago's book, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ.

Honestly, I don't know why there is so much sex news surrounding Jesus today. I don't make it up, I just report it.

Bad taste, free speech, or both? It sounds like one of those creative meetings of one-upmanship to me. What followed were these NSFW photos of Jesus observing lesbians making out, some prostituting, and a half-naked Catholic school girl.


It seems the uproar from the racy photos has made Playboy rethink this spread. Gawker is reporting Playboy does intend to pull the issue.

The weirdest thing about the photos? Jesus seems kind of disconnected from the scenes. Almost like they put a cut-out of Jesus into the shot. Which evokes ... kind of nothing.

Yet the lurky Jesus pics still manage to be pretty danged offensive, and seemingly a bad move for what is arguably a mainstream publication.

What do you think: Art or trash?

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