Vienna Sent Sex Emails to Ex Before Jake Breakup: Still on Team Vienna?

jake and vienna
In happier times
In the interest of continuing The Bachelor Jake and Vienna he said/she said battle, I just learned of a new tidbit that may have some reconsidering that Team Vienna t-shirt. Jake is smug and has a temper ... that's certain. But Vienna was sending sexual emails to another guy -- Lee Smith -- before the Jake breakup.

Oooh. Looks like Vienna might have some explaining to do. Check out the oh-so-naughty emails ....


The details come from Lee, Vienna's supposed lover. He showed TMZ an email exchange that he had with Vienna from June 14 through 16 -- when she was still with the sometimes-pilot-turned-budding-actor. Goes to show you can't trust anyone when you're a D-list celebrity.

Lee's email to Vienna: "I'm here again feeling a oh so fimilar [sic] feeling ... I think it is a mixture of antisapation [sic] or mabey [sic] it's me just missin you either way ..."

Vienna's email to Lee: "You are my life. I love you so much and can't wait to be in your arms again."

Lee's email to Vienna: "u are all I want!!!! I want to sex u up so bad baby!"

Lee's email to Vienna: "Don't u miss touching all the time are [sic] long baths ..."

Vienna's email to Lee: "I do miss all that. I love you so much bubbie. I want our life back."

Vienna's email to Lee: "I may be doing playboy this weekend ... Xoxo."

Oh what I wouldn't give to get a romantic email from my husband like this one: "I want to sex u up so bad baby!" Kidding, of course. I'd much rather this be a text. Save the email for the details of how you are going to sex me up. And please remember how to spell -- misspellings make me like the Sahara.

But this all seems a little fishy to me. If she did cheat, why did she go to the press first to spill the details? She did keep saying she did it so she could get her story out first because she knew Jake would tell the world everything since he's a fame whore. But was this just an attempt at damage control?

Some are even saying that Vienna's email account was hacked and someone else sent the love notes. Though that sounds a little absurd because clearly the guy thought he was emailing Vienna and talking about their long baths together. Unless he was in on it!

Thoughts? Comments? Anyone on Team Lee or should we call him bubbie?

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