Alexander Skarsgard Loves Being Naked and I Love It Too

alexander skarsgardAlexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric Northman on True Blood, recently shared that he loves being naked. When I read that I got shivers through my whole body. Tall. Fit. Nordic. A beautiful specimen of a man. Can you tell I am slightly obsessed?

True Blood is my porn. Even without the nudity. Though the glimpses of skin are like jolts to my loins. Alexander said:

"I'm not a prude. I'm from Sweden, and it's different there. If it makes sense, I'll do nudity, and it's made sense every single time I'm naked on the show. And I love to be naked. It's kind of liberating."

Did you know he was also in a Lady Gaga video?


Skarsgard is a friend of the director who did Gaga's Paparazzi video -- that's how he was cast. In it, he kills her, pushes her off a balcony, but she comes back to life and poisons him.

He's even sexy when he's being bad. Maybe the most sexy. On True Blood when he's flirting with Sookie -- in the way that vampires flirt -- it's so ice cold and endearing. I don't know how she's able to control herself. I wonder if she will .... In the preview for Sunday's showing, Sookie and Eric are kissing. Is it a dream? I can't wait!

Who is your crush on True Blood? Do you lust after anyone else on TV?


Image via Magazine Cafe/Flickr

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