Rent a Friend Ensures You Will Never Cry and Eat Chubby Hubby Alone Again

rent a friend

We rent cars. We rent houses.

So what if you're a relationship-phobic recluse who just needs someone to listen to them moan about their last break-up? Just for the night?

Get a therapist?

Nah -- he might subpoena your medical records in the custody battle.

You can rent a friend!

No really. Someone can eat Chubby Hubby with you all night long and listen to you moan, and they'll be gone in the morning -- with a chunk of your cash (at least $10 per hour of your whining).



A website called RentaFriend claims to be have "thousands of Friends from all over the US & Canada available for rent."

Promises the site:

"Whether you are looking to hire a friendly companion to attend a social event or party with you, someone to introduce you to new people, or someone to go to movie or a restaurant with, can help."

If it sounds like someone was drunk dialing Go Daddy while watching a bad Debra Messing movie, you're not far off.

But then again . . . is this really new? Some would say that's the premise behind sororities and fraternities -- you pay to get in and even if you're a wilting wallflower who doesn't have the courage to ask the girl one seat over for your pen that just fell under her chair, you're guaranteed to MEET people.

And it's just a (slightly) less sleazy version of ye olde escort service.

But it's not a sexual service, at least not according to the site. It's a friend -- without benefits. The site promises you can find someone to show you around your new city -- which may be a valid point -- or teach you a new language. To which we ask, why don't you just take a language course at the learning annex?

Then again, we could all have that friend who leans on us but never actually ends up being there for us. It might be nice to do a little leaning and not worry about having to make up for it down the road watching her stupid cat do circles around the laser pointer on yet another night when you could have been out with the girls.

And if you piss off your ex at that wedding, well, all the better, right?

I'd be interested to know how they scan these people to ensure they aren't out to scam the lonely hearts who would actually call for a friend rental. And whether you can guarantee your new wingman is uglier than you so they don't score all the dates?

Would you rent a friend?


Image via glennharper/Flickr

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