Janeane Garofalo on Brazilian Bikini Wax: 'It's a Scam'

janeane garofalo brazilian bikini waxWhether for bathing suit season or for super-sexiness, the Brazilian is an incredibly popular type of bikini wax in North as well as South America.

Comedienne Janeane Garofalo thinks that's messed up.

I love Janeane and from one perspective, she's totally right. It is indeed a problem if adult men find pre-pubescent vaginas attractive. But most people I know, including myself, are concerned about bathing suit season -- not about tricking our partners into thinking they're having sex with a minor.


Garofalo goes on to say that the popularity of the Brazilian is "... a national myth we've all gone along with for some reason." And she doesn't "... believe there are a lot of people that find that attractive."

I know one woman who does this year-round because she likes that it makes her feel "clean." I know some women who have tried it to see if it spices up their sex life, but more along the lines of surprising your man (or woman) with a dressed up area rather than providing them with an underage vag.

Like so many things women do to make themselves feel attractive, it's not about pleasing men -- it's about pleasing themselves.

Of course if men are requesting their ladies go naked for that purpose, that is sick and some serious reflection is in order.

Do you think Janeane Garofalo is right? Or should she leave our waxed vaginas alone?


Image via markhillary/Flickr

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