Are You Kinky? Take Our Quiz!

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Kinky people see this and say Ooooh!
One woman's kinky is another woman's snore fest. But a lot of kink has to do with our imaginations. So it's not always what you do, but instead, it's about what you fantasize about doing. And that includes all those kinky desires. Our minds are powerful -- and the brain is one of the most important organs when dealing with sex ... right there with the penis and the vagina.

So let's get our brains thinking ... about kink. It may even inspire you tonight!

How kinky are you? Take our quiz!


1. You are at a party and one of the couples you and your partner are talking with start saying suggestive things. The word swingers was mentioned and there was a casual (or not so casual) stroke of your thigh by the other woman's husband. You:

A) Suggest the four of you head to the bedroom.

B) Feel a tingle from the other man's touch and recall that memory later when making love to your man. 

C) Excuse your self from the conversation and leave the party with your husband.

2. When getting frisky with your husband, he wants to try something you've never tried before. You:

A) Get so turned on by the suggestion alone, you can barely contain your orgasm.

B) Coyly say yes, but feel nervous about it. Though when you relax and give in, you're happy you tried it even if you didn't love it.

C) Get so annoyed that your man even suggested it and it even crosses your mind that he must be cheating on you and got the idea from his slut. 


3. Your idea of kinky is:

A) Showing up at his office in the middle of the day with some lube and sex toys.

B) Him inserting a finger into your rear while he is going down on you.

C) Having sex in your parents' bathroom.


4. The sex toys in your house include:

A) A glass dildo, handcuffs, anal beads, and a cock ring.

B) One vibrator and a pocket rocket.

C) Does the dusty vibrator in the back of my underwear drawer count?

5. There is a long silk scarf on the table. You see it and think:

A) I wonder how that will feel slinking between my legs when he's biting my nipples.

B) Now that's perfect to tie me up tonight. Or maybe I can tie him up this time.

C) That would look cute with my black dress.

6. If a friend scans through the photos on your camera, she will:

A) Never be able to look at your husband the same way again.

B) Learn if you shave or wax and if you prefer Brazilian over bikini.

C) See tons of pictures of your kids.


If you answered mostly As, you are a kinky queen. My lord, woman! You should write a book! You aren't afraid to explore all of your fantasies or your partner's naughtiest desires. Everything inspires you in the bedroom and sometimes you are insatiable.

If you answered mostly Bs, you really have fun with sex and dabble in your desires, but drawn the line at some. You are a tad controlling in the bedroom sometimes, but other times you love to give in and let him have his way with you.

If you answered mostly Cs, you have a sex kitten inside you waiting to come out. You took this quiz, right? That means you want to be more kinky. So why not let that kinky kitty out so she can really purr?

How did you score?


Image via D.C. Atty/Flickr

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