20 Least Sexiest Vampires Ever & More 'Twilight' News

Robert Pattinson, Kristen StewartThe end of this week has definitely been filled with all things Eclipse. So, for all of you Twihards out there, here are some sexy vampire-themed links:

  • Meet the guy (yes, guy!) behind "The Vamp," the original Twilight dildo. Jon Condit is a self-proclaimed computer nerd who runs a horror movie website. After seeing a lot of traffic coming from a Twilight fan website, he decided to take the theme and run with it. -- Salon
  • Edward and Jacob are putting men everywhere to shame and it's beginning to affect actual marriages. Some reap the benefits of their wives lusting after the fictional characters, while some end up just plain jealous. -- Lemondrop
  • Not all vamps are smoldering like Edward (and those on True Blood). Check out the 20 least sexiest vampires of all-time. -- Marie Claire
  • Other than the wait-for-marriage message from the Twilight saga, there are a few other love lessons you should hope your teen takes away from the series. -- Tres Sugar


Image from TwilightTheMovie.com

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