A Guide to Hot, Sneaky 4th of July Sex

For those of us spending the entire week of July 4 in a crowded vacation home, sex can be tricky.

My husband and I go up almost every weekend to my family's lake house, but this weekend it will overrun with guests and we will be sharing a room with our children, at least for the first four days.

And for my husband and I, four days without some of our own personal fireworks makes for a very sad 4th of July. Besides, endless amounts of free time; hot, sweaty weather and lots of exposed skin makes for some serious desire.

Because of this, we have become experts in the art of sneaky sex. (and by the way, this makes it kind of hot, too, because it has that "We are 17 and so horny we can't wait to tear each other's clothes off" vibe).


Some of our ideas:

Boat: I realize not everyone has a boat, but at our lake place, there is a pontoon boat and there are some secret coves where nobody goes. Except us, natch.

Drive-in: We go to the drive-in almost every night when we are at the lake. There are two screens, showing two different double features and by the third night, we have seen all the movies and spend that four hours involved in our own Hollywood moment. In private. At the Drive-In. It is all so Bob Seger and delicious.

On a rock: Last year, my husband and I got creative and snuck out into the woods. Where we found a giant rock. That rock is now "our rock" and we plan to visit it again.

Behind any locking door: If it has to be the bathroom in a shared house, make it snappy, but the two of you can get in a quickie with little  likelihood of discovery by locking the door behind you. Wear a sundress to make it all easier (and hotter).

Shower: The water blocks any noise that may come from the two of you and gives you at least 20 minutes behind a locked door and drawn curtain in a place no one would think to bother you.

So, go out and have a happy fourth, but do not consider it a sexless week. Just be creative!  What are some of your sneaky sex ideas?


Image via ** Maurice **/Flickr


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