'Twilight' Stars Edward & Jacob: Who Would You Rather Date?

Edward, Bella, and Jacob from Twilight
There are two kinds of people in this world: Team Edward people and Team Jacob people. Each has loyally decided who they think is the better match for Bella in the Twilight Saga, but let's talk about which one would be better for you ...


Edward's Pros:

  • He's old-school romantic because, well, he's old.
  • Even though he's old, he doesn't age.
  • He's rich. This doesn't means anything to Bella, but I can't exactly say I'd turn down a Porsche if offered.
  • His family is awesome -- having Alice for a sister would rock.
  • He's protective. With his quick vampire reflexes and crazy strength, you are (almost) always safe.

Edward's Cons:

  • Because he glitters in the sun, we can say buh-bye to any honeymooning in the Caribbean dreams.
  • Also a pro, the fact that he doesn't age may become an issue when you're 60.
  • His skin is cold, making snuggling a freezing challenge.
  • He might kill you if he has sex with you.

Jacob's Pros:

  • He's loyal. He's a dog, remember?
  • Just like Edward, he's protective and strong.
  • He's hot ... temperature-wise. Because he's a werewolf, he has intense body heat. 
  • He lives a normal human lifespan.
  • Six more reasons ... and they all come in the form of abs. 

Jacob's Cons:

  • He's still a little young and immature.
  • He has a temper.
  • When his pack master calls, he has to go. That would suck if that happened during date night or, er, another bonding time. 
  • You'll constantly have to be patching up his clothes after he shreds them from changing.
  • He might accidentally scratch your face, leaving you scarred. 

Okay, so which is it ladies? Who would you rather date? Edward or Jacob?


Image via TwilightTheMovie.com

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