Zoe Saldana & Keith Britton Get Engaged After 10 Years of Dating!

zoe saldanaAvatar star Zoe Saldana -- who is also fashion's sweetheart -- is engaged to her boyfriend of 10 years, Keith Britton.

Ten years! Keith -- what took you so long? Wonder how many times Zoe's family bugged her about when she was getting a ring on her finger?

The 32-year-old beauty is said to be thrilled. But who is Keith Britton?


Keith is an actor, too, but also the CEO of My Fashion Database -- a who's who of models, photographers, designers, stylists, and everyone having to do with fashion. He's 33 and I see his acting credits include playing Jeb on three episodes of As the World Turns back in 2002. His most recent gig was on Cold Case in 2007.

keith brittonThere aren't many photos out there of the two of them together, but check out this headshot of Keith. Hello, handsome!

I wish them all the best!

What do you think of a 10-year courtship? Should he have popped the question earlier?


Image (top to bottom) ewen and donabel/Flickr, imdb

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