Get Over Your Ex, Already!

broken heartWe've all had (or been) the friend who could not stop talking about the breakup. Analyzing every pause in the conversation, wondering "what he really meant" when he said you weren't on the same page. Because you totally were, he just couldn't see it! Right?!

Over at HuffPo it seems "Valerie" is driving her own friends crazy agonizing over her recent break-up so she asked for some advice. I'm glad they took this on because it's been so long since I've smarted from a break-up I've lost perspective on how long is too long to crawl in bed under the covers.


Apparently, not very long. The advice to be thankful this guy broke up with her before they moved in together sounded right on -- you don't want to untangle that mess if you don't have to. Also telling her to get out, see friends, and enjoy being single sounds refreshing and quite frankly, exhilarating.

You spend so much of your time doing what your parents want, then taking a partner into consideration and then being a slave to the kid's schedules. Single ladies -- enjoy your freedom! Don't sulk at home, take those long walks and let us marrieds with children live vicariously through your unencumbered loping.

When it's over, it's over. You can't change that and even if you could, you would find that you probably didn't want to in the long run. So choose your destiny when you wake up in the morning. Don't call a friend and sigh heavily, just get outside and embrace the beauty of the newly single you.

Oh, and if memory serves, a few wild nights out with friends and/or flirting with the hot bartender helps A TON.

What's your best cure for the break-up blues?


Image via CarbonNYC/Flickr

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