Sex Secret: I Did It in a Sex Hotel

Shibuya Sex ShopEveryone has a dirty little secret and this is a safe place where we can share them (anonymously, of course). Go ahead, spill. We won't tell. (No, this isn't me! I said it was anonymous -- my lips are sealed!)

This Week's Confession:

When I was 20, I heard from a Japanese coworker that his hometown of Tokyo had “love hotels,” with hourly rates and accessories that made all sorts of sex easier. This piqued my interest so much that I started a purely sexual relationship with him that culminated in my flying to Tokyo to try out as many of them as I could manage. Some of them had bars you could hold on to in the bathtub, so you wouldn’t slip! Other rooms came with a bento box in case you got hungry! It was a wild adventure, something to think about when I feel like a boring old mom. -- Anonymous



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