Megan Fox Married: Brian Austin Green a Hero Among Men

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It happened! Megan Fox married Brian Austin Green just a few weeks after their rekindled engagement. He's 36; she's 24 ... and I bet her hips are 36, too.

Megan is now officially a stepmom to Brian's 8-year-old son and Brian is officially the envy of men and women everywhere. Though I wouldn't put him up there in Brad Pitt status. But he is pretty foxy.

The wedding was very hush hush -- I'm not even sure the paparazzi helicopters were clued in. But they did get married on a beach. Details!


Six people attended the ceremony at the Four Seasons in Hualalai on Hawaii's Big Island. I want to know what Megan was wearing. A bikini like Pam? A slinky black dress to buck tradition? No matter what it was, I'm sure she looked gorgeous.

I'm excited about this union. I feel some strangeness coming on. Some oddball declarations of love like wearing each other's blood in vials around their neck or tattoos of each other's hand-prints around the waist.

Or ... babies!

Congrats Megan and Brian!


Images (left to right) vagueonthehow/Flickr; benyupp/Flickr

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