Flirt for Favors, Traveling With Sex Toys & More News

waxHappy Monday dear readers ... hope you had a lovely weekend! To kick-start your week, check out these articles that I found extra intriguing:

  • In just seven easy steps, learn how to flirt for favors and get your way. Okay, so I'm sure this will piss off any feminists out there, but for me personally, I'm all about free stuff, so judge away. -- Yahoo! Shine
  • Having to explain our single status to our friends and family is hard enough, but having to tell our bikini waxer while she "tsks" at us as she's ripping away is just humiliating. -- Betty Confidential
  • The horror stories that I've heard of security men pulling out dildos from luggage have always kept me from making that attempt to take my toys with me on vacay. But our frequently asked questions to traveling with sex toys have finally been answered. -- Em and Lo
  • A hilarious video on how not to hit on a guy. Oh and it's from the '80s, which obviously adds to its awesomeness. -- The Frisky


Image via digipam/Flickr

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