Danielle Staub Sex Tape Has a Real Plot

danielle staub bookThe Real Housewives of New Jersey plastic surgery victim, Danielle Staub, has a sex tape out. If you didn't know this I may accuse you of being Vienna Girardi -- too absorbed in one's self. I mean, it's a sex tape featuring an old(er) mother from New Jersey. This is big news -- it's not some young bitty with perky boobs and a budding career. And Danielle says that her raunchy romp with a man who made her feel beautiful is "coming around for a reason."

Oh really Dani Sta? (Wouldn't that make a good porno name? Sta like Stay. Too submissive perhaps?) What reason might that be?


"You know, like everything else I'm doing in my life, it's coming around for a reason. I'm just going to wait and see what happens. My reaction is, 'What are you going to do?'" she said.

Well, you can use it to pimp out your new book, fittingly titled The Naked Truth. Yes, you can decorate your bookshelves with her tome and her tatas, which by the way hurt her. The boobs, not the book. Though I'm sure filling a hardcover with words may have been difficult. And those famous breasts were hurting her even when filming her sexcapades.

"I did have problems with my implants. They were very painful and they were not pretty and they became less pretty over time," she said. "He didn't have a problem with that."

What a champ! He also didn't have a problem with being on top. And I doubt he has a problem with the profits he will most likely be making from sales of their porno. Just please make sure this guy doesn't get a Tommy Lee complex. I mean, no one can hold a candle (or a baseball bat) to that. 

Ms. Staub, my favorite housewife, took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with the girls of PopEater. Take a listen for yourself and decide: Will you be watching Danielle's sex tape? Are you going to get a copy of her book?


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