Mel B Has Sex 5 Times a Day. How?

mel b spice girlMel B -- Melanie Brown -- has sex five times a day with her husband, producer Stephen Belafonte. Well, she was a Spice Girl. And was once Eddie Murphy's girl. I feel like Eddie Murphy has a lot of sex. I don't know why. When asked about her love life with her hubby, she said:

"We're the same age, he's my best friend, and I guess we're both just perverts with each other."

I'm jealous. Sort of. Five times a day? I'll take one. Or once every other day. But five times? But what I want to know is how does she find the time? She has kids and is the host of Dance Your Ass Off. And is it all that sex that keeps her body looking so good?

It made me also think ... do rich people have more sex?


Rich people have the money to have around-the-clock child care. They have assistants to do their scheduling. Accountants to take care of the bills. Maids to do the cleaning. Chefs to do the cooking. All of which frees up time to have some nooky.

Some days I don't even have the time to shave my armpits. Maybe that's why I'm not doing it five times a day. Or four. Or three. Or two. Or even once.

I can't say that my sex life with my husband is non-existent, but it has taken quite the cool down since the babies arrived seven long months ago (if I think of it in sex terms). Seven short months ago in terms of how time has flown.

Maybe it's because I have twins. Is there a correlation between the amount of children you have with how often you get it on? What do you think?


Image via lucky.lion81/Flickr

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