Jake Pavelka: 5 Things About My Love Life

This week Jake Pavelka became a Bachelor once more, after kicking Vienna to the curb. 

After only four months of courtship that included a so-so Dancing With the Stars performance, Jake called it quits with the rose receiver that everyone loved to hate. (Vienna looks po'd in that video, huh?)

Given what we've seen in the news about Jake this week, I can only assume the following five things about his love life:


1) Perhaps you’ve already heard, ladies, I’m single! Now, how many of you want to line up and humiliate yourselves to win my temporary lust undying love?

2) My ideal date involves an evening of dancing, followed by crying.

3) Temper? What temper? I’m just very physically, uh, affectionate.

4) Of course I’m not making a sex tape! That camera is here because everything about our courtship, engagement and break up will be televised. Cool?

5) My relationship role models are Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.

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