Cheating's Ugly Cousin and Poor Penises: Best Love & Sex Comments of the Week

vienna girardi twitterWe love talking about love. And sex. And everything in between. And we enjoy reading what you guys have to say about what we write (and any hot bedroom tips you may have), so speak up!

Today, we'll spotlight some of the best comments from The Stir's Love & Sex channel, as well as some celebrity input from around the web.


From Sandra Bullock & Jesse James: 3 Clues They Are Getting Back Together: cateringg says, "If she gets back with him, I would still like her. After all we became her fans because of her acting career. I would, however, be concerned for her and hope the situation does not repeat itself again."

I agree, I won't not like her, but I really really hope she doesn't go back to him!

From Sex Ed: Funny Condom Awareness Ad From France: Peajewel says "I have no idea if it will work but it sure made me giggle! Poor little penis!"

From Is Technology Flirting the Same As Cheating?: lovinangels says, "I agree with Jeanne, it's an affair of the heart. Flirting is cheating's ugly cousin."

"Flirting is cheating's ugly cousin." So true, very wise words!

Not surprised that The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi broke up earlier this week, but it is kinda sad to read tweets like this, “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it is better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. - Anonymous”. Break-ups are never easy.


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