Sexy Spanking Done Right

spanking paddleCoco de Mer is quite the romp, whether you are lucky enough to have the erotic shop in your town or you browse their online store and peep show. (Even more fun, go to the shop, create your own photo session, then check it out online.)

Specializing in the kink, Coco de Mer has a wide variety of paddles, whips, and rulers to satisfy any type of spanking fetish and any budget.

While this Paul Seville Red Patent Leather Bubble Paddle is a luxurious flogger that would certainly enhance your spanking experience, here are a few other options that are a bit more affordable.




spanking paddleA classically shaped wooden spanking paddle can take your schoolgirl fantasy to a whole new level. Also included in the description: A reminder that you do not have to hit hard to enjoy a good spanking. Always be aware of your partner's limits.

spanking paddle


Get straight to the point with the "Teach Me a Lesson" spanking ruler. This ruler will sting (although I don't have to remind any of you who went to a Catholic school), so be sparing with this rod. However, if you get too vigorous, you don't need to worry about breaking the spanking ruler since it's only $13 a pop to replace.






Paul Seville Red Patent Leather Bubble Paddle ($125) -- Coco de Mer

Wooden Spanking Paddle ($38) -- Coco de Mer

Teach Me a Lesson Spanking Ruler ($13) -- Coco de Mer


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