'Sex and the City' Porno & More News

couple flirtingHappy Friday, lovers! Here are some interesting links that I came across to start your weekend off right.

  • Remember that iconic World War II victory photo with the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square? Find out the story behind it. -- Tres Sugar
  • A recent study shows that romantic music really does weaken our resistance to men. So that's why Marvin Gaye always works. In the study, the number of girls who handed over their digits while listening to romantic tunes blaring over the speakers almost doubled. Guys, take note. -- Glamour
  • What should a guy do when he's in the doghouse? This guy lined his wife's bike trail with love notes. How sweet! Too bad she didn't accept his apology. -- Lemondrop
  • Here's a new one for ya ... a Sex and the City movie that your man will love: Sex and the City: A XXX Parody. So they're taking a show about sex and making it into a porno ... how original. -- The Frisky

Image via hikarikariudo/Flickr

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